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My name is Tony and my interest in aviation started very early.  My childhood home, in Fond du Lac Wisconsin, was near the local airport and just a half-hour south of the famed EAA in Oshkosh.  During the summers, our front yard was a front-row seat for watching the warbirds return to base after the airshow.  When I was just 3 years old, my father and brother built their first RC model and started flying.  While I was still too young to learn to fly myself, I always tagged along.  I even had some old airplanes and transmitters that were handed down to me to use as toys.  Several years later, my father and sister pursued their private pilot licenses.  Naturally, I again tagged along as often as I could.  When I was about 9 years old, the opportunity finally came for me to start learning to fly RC.  That winter I built my first kit and soloed it the following season.  I was officially hooked.

I have pursued many different aspects of the hobby including scale models, combat, helicopters, and gliders; just to name a few.  I have built over 100 airplanes, most from either kits or scratch.  I also have drawn several plans, fulfilling a childhood goal of mine.  I offer these plans as free for download in hopes that it will encourage others to build instead of buying an ARF or finished model.

 I am always looking forward to the next project or challenge.  So take a moment to view my website and follow along with me as I continue to grow in this great hobby.

-Tony Lewis

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